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Accelerating technological change is affecting every aspect of your life. You're going to live longer. You're going to see amazing technologies. Things you took for granted for decades are shifting under your feet. It's impossible to chart these changes out past a couple years. Eventually, it'll be down to months. So how does a regular joe, a non-scientist, embrace this while living a so-called "normal" life? Is it even possible? Herein is my approach.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cochlear Implant Article at H+ Magazine

Here is a link to a great article about a real issue: cochlear implants and the deaf community.  Many of us take for granted that the deaf suffer from a disability, but this is not at all the mindset of many in the deaf community, who see deafness as a social identity.

As I mention in a comment below the article, to many in the deaf community, deafness is no more a disability than my inability to see infrared.  Where we differ is that if I had the ability to expand my sensory abilities, I would do so.

In the Transhumanist world we find ourselves building, any type of sensory absence is going to be an evolutionary disadvantage.  That's not a statement of emotion or belief, I believe it's just a statement of fact.  Although I understand the deaf community's fear of losing its social identity, I don't see it as relevant.  These changes are coming regardless.

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